About Me


I always ask myself a simple question: how can I help? How can I help bring this story to life? How can I help bring this character to life? Finally, what gets me through is: curiosity. The need to explore. The beautiful and the gritty. The art of interpretation, gives me the permission to breakthrough all the borders and constructs set by myself &/or others, through playfulness, impulsive decision and deep surrendering.

Who is Duncan?

Duncan (a.k.a Duncan Legoux, a.k.a Duncan Thimotée) was born in France to Franco-British parents. They quickly moved to Luxembourg and then to Portugal, where he attended an American primary school, and finally, settling down in Palma de Mallorca. He was homeschooled by his mom which gave him the time to follow his passions; skateboarding and acting (the fool). At 18 years old, Duncan got accepted to study at East 15 Acting School in London, not long after his professional theatre debut at the Teatro Municipal de Palma for a hit musical adaptation of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, produced by ISLA Theatre. He graduated in 2018, and kickstarted his film career in a Chinese and British feature-film production Chinatown Cannon. The film reached 6 million views on its first week. Duncan, later co-wrote Central (Story) Line, and co-founded of Fingers Crossed Theatre Company. The play toured fringe venues and the 2019 Copenhagen Stage Festival, receiving 5 & 6 star reviews. At the end of 2020 Duncan became a Laboratory member of the Demidov Studio in London, working alongside a dedicated group of actors training in the art of subconscious surrendering. Duncan works mainly in Europe and the UK. In 2021 he was a part of two short films Watch Out for Charlie…, and Anni, which are both set out to do festival tours in the near future.