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France gave birth to Duncan. At the age of 3, he left his beloved France and found Luxembourg. After a year of passionate love, Portugal appeared and stole his heart. Where he lived freely for 6 years, Duncan enjoyed playing with action figures and going to school. Good times. Until 2007. At 10 years old, things got complicated with Portugal… It was tougher this time, the Mediterranean sea was calling him over. Mallorca, Spain. What beauty, what warmth. How could he say no… However, the past haunted his mind… He had to be homeschooled, begin skateboarding and attend drama classes, just to forget the pain of the past. But the calming sea got him through. In 2015, Duncan chose to engage in an open relationship with London and Mallorca. He would study at East 15 Acting School and fly back for holidays in Palma. Things were fantastic. And in 2019, Luxembourg wanted in on the fun. By now Duncan began working and saw new possibilities, more fun, more passion, more exposure! He agreed to this trifecta.

Duncan lays at bay, or strolls in the city,
but wherever he is,
He’s witty during the day, and playful in the eve.

Good to know:
– he’s a pretty good skateboarder,
native in English, Spanish & French,
– Co-associate artist of Fingers Crossed Theatre Company,
– laboratory member at the Demidov Studio London.
– Represented by Miles Anthony Associates & Art-T Management.



In pre-production for a short-film to be filmed in Palma de Mallorca. Employed as writer and actor of the production.

Currently appearing as a life guard in Spanish Web series Socorristas.

Spanish + French reel

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