Who is Duncan?
Duncan is an actor, comedian, writer, skateboarder and martial artists.

Where is he from?
Duncan was born in France, but raised in Luxembourg, Lisbon, Portugal and later Mallorca, Spain.

How many languages does Duncan speak?
Fluently; French and Spanish, and due to British and US colonisation, Duncan has become native in English. He also Speaks and understands Portuguese & Italian.

Where can I see his work?
The projects he has produced and written can be found below. Otherwise you may have to do some research. Here is his Actors CV:


“Fresh ideas, new talent and a great (central) story line, this play needs to be seen. Smooth, sleek and authentic. Humorous in many parts and bitterly sad in others.
⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ North West End
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“Central (Story) Line is a powerful work of truly humanist theatre, compassionately told, expertly performed, and gratefully received. Central (Story) Line is a triumph.”
⭑⭑⭑⭑⭑ London Pub Theatres
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“If it sounds like a heavy subject, that’s because it is but, while Fingers Crossed treat this with a respectful and serious approach, there are elements of tenderness and tasteful humour to balance out the mood. Very cleverly done…”
⭑⭑⭑⭑ London Theatre 1
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Central (Story) Line

World War II is raging. England has opened its borders to safeguard unaccompanied refugee children. 10.000 young Holocaust survivors have been sent to safety by their parents on the Kindertransport.

The year is 1940, the last Kindertransport to escape the German forces has arrived in England. Three anxious children await on the platform of Liverpool Street Station wondering what will happen next.

Louise, Henry and Charlie are united by this historical event that changes and shapes their lives. Their friendship endures through political unrest, missing parents, heartbreak and ethnic segregation. When will the past stop haunting their present?
Central (Story) Line spans 67 years of friendship as they move from Churchill through Thatcher into Blair and beyond…

The 10.000 young survivors were small in number compared to the 1.5 million children who perished in the Holocaust. But for these child refugees, leaving home on the Kindertransport – traumatic as it was – meant the difference between life and death.

Red Thread

As the legend goes, angels tie up our fate through a red thread that connects us to our destined partners in life. Our actor will soon discover who’s on the other end of his red thread.


A cheeky skateboarder finds himself in the middle of a low-key transaction. His curiosity takes hold of him, no crime goes unpunished.

The Reader

An exciting adaptation of “The Reader” partnered with Chekhov’s short story of “The Lady with the Lapdog”.

*Below is a RnD of the first 15 minutes.

“I awaken to beauty, live in elegance, and become art”.

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