Mes Entrées.

Entre N.1

When I jump, I miss all the keys.
So, I retire to a familiar place. 
Here I am, in the abyss,
Where quickness and emptiness 
Follow each other. Question and answer
Entangle each other. Love and hate 
Influence each other. An endless river 
Takes me To my door. The keys, I can 
See in the deep, my mind wants them, I 
Attempt to reach them, and become stiff,
The current goes against me, so, I let go. 
Floating above an endless abundance of
Possibilities that are seemingly 
Unreachable, but still so close. 
My desires have led me to this
Place but why can't I indulge in them?
One step at a time... The keys are 
Checkpoints, not destinations.