Headshots | Alexandra Cabrer Photography

Alexandra Cabrer is British & Spanish photographer based in Palma de Mallorca. Detailed in her work, she brings out the honesty lurking inside the eyes.

Theatre | Broken English

Stella and Alex storm into each other’s lives one summer night at a warehouse rave in Peckham. They’re both seventeen and from London. But that’s where the similarities end. And tonight’s different. Tonight there’s a vote. Tonight history’s being written around them. And history has other plans.

Written by Theo Hristov & directed by Toby Clarke
Produced by No Table Productions
Played by Macadie Amoroso & Duncan Hodgkinson

Short-film | Anni

“A former professional gangster known as The Kid is desperate to escape
his gruesome life of crime for good. His only source of happiness, a
beautiful woman named April, has suffered a tragic accident as a result of
this. Since then, he spends his days isolated, slowly but surely adjusting
to a new life and finding peace, until one day when the mob boss from his past suddenly shows up again…”

Written, Directed & Produced by Daniel Luchko | DoP’d by Woody Wu
Photos by Willson Lang
Paris, France.

Short-film | Watch Out for Charlie…

Wa, wa, watch out for Charlie everyone!..

Charlie, a young late night TV host is forced to raise his ratings, while struggling with the expectations of his audience, and his father.

Director Alfredo La Corte | Written by Alfredo La Corte & Leonardo Greco  Produced by Catalyst Films.
Berlin, Germany.

Short-film | Banana Republic


A salsa musician that moonlights as a gigolo attempts to leave London back to his homeland, but his pimp finds out and decides to make sure he never returns.


Directed by Jean-Paul Arroyave | Director of photography; Jack Curtis.
London, England.

Short-film | CHEEKY

CHEEKY poster

A cheeky skateboarder finds himself in the middle of a low-key transaction. His curiosity takes hold of him; no crime goes unpunished.

Click HERE to watch it.

CHEEKY was made for the Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival 2020 as part of the 48 hour Film challenge initiative. It made it into the finals along 8 other filmmakers.

Written by Quentin Theander, Andrea Clavijo & Duncan Hodgkinson.

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Digital-theatre | Caperucita

Caperucita poster

A picture of a tattoo. It belongs to someone Red knows…Or, at least she thinks it does? To find out, she will have to go back in time to meet the man all over again. Weaving together poetry, fairytale, and storytelling, “Caperucita” will take you on a journey across borders to places our characters never thought they would return to.

Written by Larisa Munoz and Sara Lessmann
Directed by Sara Lessmann
Director of Photography: Juliet Valentine Blaszczy

London, England

Scene | Closer

A short scene from Patrick Marber’s play Closer. Filmed over 2020 quarantine.

London, England

Short-film | ¡Oh Gloria Inmarcesible!


“¡Oh Gloria Inmarcesible!” is a Short-film that premiered at the BFI cinema in Southbank in 2019.

Written by Jean-Paul Arroyave | Directed by Harry Batty.
Director of photography Jack Curtis.
London, England

Short-film | El Poeta en Palma

A lonely poet is stuck between reality and dream, attempting to navigate through his poetry.

Directed by Miko Jarry | Written by Duncan Hodgkinson
Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Feature-film | Chinatown Cannon

Chinatown Cannon can be found on Baidu. Playing a Scottish man with pipe named Smokey was an enriching experience… and quite raunchy.

Directed by Cheng Xioameng and Fan Huang.
London, England

Theatre | The Reader 

This was a performance that I worked on with Italian actress Federica Bognetti for Premio Tuttoteatro Dante Cappelletti 2019. The performance was a devised piece inspired by the novel The Reader by Bernhard Schlink  and Chekhov’s short story; The Lady with the Lap Dog.

Ronciglione, Italy

Theatre | Have I None

Have I None, written by Edward Bond, is dystopian play set in 2077, fearfully relevant to our currant situation…

Directed by Lewis Frost
London, England.

Theatre | Central (Story) Line

Central (Story) Line has history… It was first developed in 2017 as part of the Pub theatre festival. It was then accepted for East 15’s International Festival of New Work where it received praise and encouragement. As a team we created Fingers Crossed Theatre Company and later performed at the Camden Festival and a weeks run at Theatre N16. It received 5 star reviews from local fringe reviewers. In 2019, we were asked to perform at the Copenhagen Stage Festival. It is now in re-development and searching for funding.

Check: https://www.fingerscrossedtheatre.com/
Directed by Daniela Atiencia

Copenhagen, Denmark
London, England.

Scene | On est Meilleures Amis?

A little French Dialogue.

Written by Sylvain Bott | Directed by Eduardo Almeida.

East 15 Acting School | Scenes

From: Love
Directed by: Marcus White
Characters: Mickey- Tongchai O’ Hansen & Gus- Duncan Hodgkinson Legoux

From: Hitch
Directed by: Marcus White
Characters: Hitch – Christos Floros & Albert – Duncan Hodgkinson

Theatre | Compilation

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Including photos from The Monk & the Lotus opera at Arcola Theatre. Previous headshots with Vincenzo Photography and performance shots from East 15 of Three Kingdoms, Wild Honey and Ashes to Ashes.


This is my professional skateboard part for Shine Skate shop’s full length video Zoologics. 

You can find the full length video here:

Theatre | Love’s Labor’s Lost

From: Shakespeare’s Love’s Labor’s Lost – Act 3, Scene 1
Dream Role at the Globe…
Directed by: Caroline Webster
Characters: Don Adriano de Armado – Duncan Hodgkinson Legoux, Moth – Liesl Jensen & Costard – Eliah Arnstjerna